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                  在2017年春節聯歡晚會中,成龍演唱的《國家》讓我印象最深。歌詞中的“都說國很大,其實一個家”,是的,祖國很大,但其實天南海北、海內海外、各族人民都是一家人。在馬來西亞,有748萬華人,占馬國總人口的23%,這些華人大多是歷史上“下南洋”時期前來馬來西亞的華人。雖然他們已經是馬來西亞人,但他們也同樣關心中國的大小事,甚至連菜市場的華人都豎起大拇指告訴我中國發射了神舟十一號飛船。也有當地華人開玩笑說“我們和你們一樣,也是中國人”。每當聽到當地朋友對祖國的贊賞時,我都會感到無比自豪。雖然馬來西亞華人是馬來西亞國籍,但他們和我們說著一樣的語言,學著一樣的傳統文化,流淌著一樣的中華血脈,傳承著一樣的華夏文明,我們就是一家人。這種全球華人一家親的現象,正是人文關懷在“一帶一路” 建設和發展中的成果。

                  歌詞中的“一心裝滿國,一手撐起家”,也道出了我們的心聲,作為祖國“一帶一路”的踐行者,我們在海外不僅時刻代表著中國形象,我們的水壩工程也在向馬來西亞人民展現中國力量。我在準備結婚時,公司領導及同事就幫我想辦法解決了很多實際問題,讓我能夠順利帶著愛人來到海外工作、生活,免受分離之苦。而將小家臨時安在海外的我,沒有了后顧之憂,懷著感恩之情更加努力的工作、學習,不僅保質保量完成了各項本職工作,還在馬來西亞利用網絡學習一次通過了中級會計師考試,并一次通過了注冊會計師三門專業課程。這種海外工作和家庭兼顧的美好狀態,正是人文關懷在“一帶一路” 建設和發展中的作用。

                  中國企業在“一帶一路”中的人文關懷,不僅溫暖著每個員工的家庭,也在滋潤著當地社會和民眾。向當地佛教團體捐款捐物,向柔佛孤兒院捐助電腦、衣物,向日新中學演奏會捐款,向當地洪澇災民捐款,向馬來西亞盲人協會捐款……中水電馬來西亞分公司時刻不忘自身的社會責任,積極融入當地社會,樹立了良好的企業形象,展現了友好的中國風采。這種互幫互助的精神風貌,正是人文關懷在“一帶一路” 建設和發展中的美好展現。

                  中國企業在“一帶一路”中的人文關懷,不僅滋潤著當地社會和民眾,也在深刻的改變著社會。如今的馬來西亞,不乏中國建造和中國制造的影子,中國企業建造的水壩、道路、橋梁、樓房、高鐵,中國企業生產的家電、手機、玩具,以及中國企業的淘寶、微信,都在改變著馬來西亞的生活方式,都在讓人民生活更加便利、健康、高效、美好。這些改變和進步,正是人文關懷在“一帶一路” 建設和發展中的間接影響。

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                  Humanistic Care in the Belt and Road (B&R) from the Perspective of Overseas Staffs


                  CWE Malaysia Mengkuang Dam Expansion Project Written by: Wang Guannan, Photo by: Jiang Xiaohua


                  'Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~.” In February 2017, in Penang, Malaysia, several staffs from China International Water & Electric Corp. of China Three Gorges Corporation celebrated the birthday for the baby just one year old together.

                  I am the baby’s father. I came to Malaysia Penang Mengkuang Dam Expansion Project for the long-term foreign financial work in September 2011. Before going abroad, The period of working aboard determined by the leader in the contract signed before I went aboard is three years. At that time, I thought three years were very long. Now, I have worked aboard for five and a half years, married and given birth to a baby. My child is one year old. Colleagues and friends often say for fun that I harvested the most in this project. Indeed, the work is smooth, and my life is stable. Together with my wife and child, it is ordinary, warm, simple and full. For people who work at home, it may be easier to realize. Abroad, however, in order to realize this seemingly simple good wish, I cannot go without the strong motherland, the concern of the group company and leaders of the headquarters, and the help of colleagues and friends. All this is an individual case, but it is the vivid embodiment of humanistic care in the B&R construction and development.

                  At 2017 Spring Festival Evening Party, Country sung by Jackie Chan impressed me the most. In lyrics, we all say the country is very big, but in fact it is a home. Yes, our country is very big, but people from different places, at home and aboard and of all ethnic groups form a family. In Malaysia, there are 7,480,000 Chinese people, accounting for 23% of the Malaysian population. Most of these Chinese came to Malaysia in the period of going to Southeast Asia in the history. They are already Malaysians, but they are also concerned about China's major and minor issues. Even Chinese in the vegetable market thumbed up and told me that China launched Shenzhou No. 11 Spacecraft. Some local Chinese joked: 'We are also Chinese like you.' Whenever I hear local friend’s appreciation of the motherland, I will feel proud. Although Malaysian Chinese have the nationality of Malaysia, they speak the same language and learn same traditional culture, and have the same blood, and inherit the same Chinese civilization with us. We are a family. This phenomenon is just humanistic care’s results in the B&R construction and development.

                  In lyrics, my heart is filled with the country, and I support the family with my hand. It also spoke out our true feeling. As practitioners of the B&R of the motherland, we always represent China's image abroad, and our dam project also shows China’s power to Malaysian people. When I prepared to get married, the company leaders and colleagues helped me to find a way to solve many practical problems, and allowed me to be able to work and live with my wife aboard without the suffering of separation. After temporarily settling overseas I have no family troubles. With gratitude, I work and study harder. I not only finished all the work with good quality, but also learned online in Malaysia, passed the intermediate accountant examination at a time, and passed three specialized courses of CPA at a time. This good state with the balance between overseas work and family shows humanistic care’s role in the B&R construction and development.

                  Chinese enterprises’ humanistic care in the B&R not only warms each employee's family, but also benefits the local society and people. They donated money and things to the local buddhist organizations, donated donate computers and clothes to Johore Orphanage, donated money to Jit Sin Middle School Concert, donated money to the local flood victims, donated money to Malaysia Association of the Blind... Malaysia Branch of CWE does not forget its social responsibility, actively integrates into the local society, sets up the good enterprise image, and shows the friendly Chinese Style. The spirit of helping each other shows humanistic care in the B&R construction and development.

                  Chinese enterprises’ humanistic care in the B&R not only benefits the local society and people, but also changes the society. Now in Malaysia, there is no lack of China's construction and manufacturing. Dams, roads, bridges, buildings and high-speed rails built by Chinese enterprises, electrical appliances, mobile phones and toys produced by Chinese enterprises, and Taobao and WeChat of Chinese enterprises are all changing the lifestyle in Malaysia, and making people's life more convenient, healthy, efficient and good. These changes and progress are the indirect impact of humanistic care in the B&R construction and development.

                  Although I'm just an ordinary member of the B&R great plan, I deeply felt the intangible force of humanistic care. Such humanistic care connects the heart of each family to the country. As sung in Country, the country and families are connected, and create the miracle of the earth together.【馬來西亞明光壩擴建項目 供稿:王冠男 圖片:蔣曉華】



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